I generally teach classes in General, English, German, and Interdisciplinary Linguistics and in individual classes all over the world. My focus in these classes lies in the comprehensive analysis of multimodal artefacts based on theoretical and methodological developments. This often includes a general media studies perspectives which I try to approach from a linguistic and (contemporary) semiotic viewpoint.
I have more than 10 years of teaching and supervision experience at Bachelor's and Master's level, and my teaching record shows a variety of courses in several fields in the humanities (including linguistics, communication and media studies, semiotics).The list below indicates the main courses I gave in the last few years.

BA & MA classes

Language Optimization
Multimodal Communication
Multimodal Instructive Texts
Annotating Film for Corbus-Based Analysis
Analyzing Online Discourses and Social Media
The Language of Contemporary TV Series
Key Issues in Multimodal Research
Introduction to Text and Discourse Analysis
Discourse Semantics
Key Topics in Linguistics: Multimodal Text Analysis
Studying Visual Narratives
Visual Rhetoric and Multimodal Argumentation
The Language of Contemporary TV Series
The (Multimodal) Linguistics of Social Media

German Linguistics

As a lecturer in German and Interdisciplinary Linguistics (2012-2015), I gave introductory classes on German Linguistics, Phonology/Morphology/Syntax, as well as Text & Discourse Analysis. I also taught MA classes in Semiotics, Pragmatics and Corpus Linguistics.