I supervise BA and MA theses at Bremen University and beyond (as an external supervisor/mentor); see the list below.
I am open for topics in German, English and General Linguistics as well as Media Studies from a linguistic and semiotic perspective. My own research is focused on film, tv series, comics, online discourses, and other multimodal documents, but I am also interested in the analysis of verbal texts or their interaction with other semiotic resources. A good starting point for a thesis is an example analytical questions raised with a view on a concrete textual artefact. Please contact me, if you are interested in doing a thesis or paper or have some questions on these topics.


Inter- und Intrakulturelle Genderbeziehungen im deutsch-türkischen Kino am Beispiel von Fatih Akins Filmen.
[Master Thesis, Transnational Literary Studies, Winter 2016/2017].

Texteinblendungen in der deutschen Fassung von Sherlock. Eine Analyse aus multimodaler und textsemiotischer Perspektive.
[Master Thesis, German Linguistics, Summer 2016].

Information Loss in the Audio Description of Film? A Multimodal Analysis.
[Master Thesis, Language Sciences, Summer 2016.]

Konstruktionen des Eigenen und des Fremden in multimodalen Interaktionen im fiktionalen Text – Eine Untersuchung anhand der deutschen Fassung der Fernsehserien Lost.
[Master Thesis, German Linguistics, Summer 2016]

Glaubwürdigkeit und Persuasion in der Unternehmenskommunikation. Eine texthandlungsorientierte Untersuchung von Unternehmenskommunikation am Beispiel von Geschäftsberichten.
[Master Thesis, German Linguistics, Winter 2013/2014]


How time in film elapses. An analysis of the medium-specific complexity.
[Bachelor Thesis, English-Speaking Cultures, Summer 2016].

“Touching the Mortal Clay with the Immortal Soul”: Gender and Transcendence in Alan Moore’s Promethea
[Bachelor Thesis, English-Speaking Cultures, Summer 2016].

An Analysis of Text-Image-Relationships and their Consequences for Focalisation in the BBC Series Sherlock.
[Bachelor Thesis, English-Speaking Cultures, Summer 2016].

How Time in Film Elapses - An Analysis of the Medium-Specific Complexity.
[Bachelor Thesis, English-Speaking Cultures, Summer 2016].

Film Analysis – An Application of the Grande Paradigmatique
[Bachelor Thesis, English-Speaking Cultures, Summer 2015]

„Verkleidet, vermummt und verhüllt“ – Die semantische Gestaltung von Eigennamen in den Comic-Übersetzungen von Erika Fuchs
[Bachelor Thesis, German Linguistics, Winter 2014/2015]

Textual Meaning and Filmic Techniques in Leslie Nielsen’s slapstick trilogy ‘The Naked Gun’
[Bachelor Thesis, English-Speaking Cultures, Summer 2014]

Zur Sprechakttheorie nach Austin und Searle – Grenzen, Schwächen und ein interdisziplinärer Ausblick.
[Bachelor Thesis, German Linguistics, Summer 2014]

The Representation of Women in Fragrance Television Advertisements – A Multimodal Analysis.
[Bachelor Thesis, English-Speaking Cultures, Summer 2014]

Villains in Animated Disney Movies – Intersemiosis between Accent and Color.
[Bachelor Thesis, English Speaking Cultures, Summer 2014]

Analysis of Generic Identity in Hollywood Film
[Bachelor Thesis, English Speaking Cultures. Summer 2014]

“We all go little mad sometimes“: A social semiotic account of mental illness in the movies.
[Bachelor Thesis, English-Speaking Cultures, Summer 2013]

Thematic Links between Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness: A Comparative Study.
[Bachelor Thesis, English-Speaking Cultures, Summer 2013]

International Lifestyle Advertising Campaigns: Between transnationality and nation-specific codes.
[Bachelor Thesis, English-Speaking Cultures, Summer 2013]