Mapping Multimodal Performance Studies
New York/Abingdon: Routledge.


This book is a first attempt to map the broad context of performance studies from a multimodal perspective. It collects original research on traditional performing arts (theatre, dance, opera), live (durational performance) and mediated/recorded performances (films, television shows), as well as performative discursive practices on social media by adopting several theories and methodologies all dealing with the notion of multimodality. As a mostly dynamic and also interactive environment for various text types and genres, the context of performance studies provides many opportunities to produce meaning verbally and non-verbally. All chapters in this book develop frameworks for the analysis of performance-related events and activities and explore empirical case studies in a range of different ages and cultures. A further focus lies on the communicative strategies deployed by different communities of practice, taking into account processes of production, distribution, and consumption of such texts in diverse spatial and temporal contexts.

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Table of Contents


Mapping Multimodal Performance Studies: An Introduction
Maria Grazia Sindoni, Janina Wildfeuer, Kay O'Halloran

Multimodal Semiotics of Theatrical Performances
Sabine Tan, Peter Wignell and Kay L. O'Halloran

Making Meaning through Movement: A Functional Grammar of Dance Movement
Arianna Maiorani

The Phantoms of the Opera: Towards a Multi-Dimensional Interpretative Framework of Analysis
Fabio Rossi and Maria Grazia Sindoni

The Eyes Have It: 'In the Gaze ... Everything Happened'
Maree Stenglin

Interactive Cognitive Subsystems and Dance: Choreographic Creativity
Rebecca Weber

Film Space as Theatrical Performing Space: A Multimodal Discourse Approach to Transmedial Analysis
Chiao-I Tseng

Who’s afraid of Conchita Wurst? Non-Binary Gender Performers and the Construction of Semiotic Prosody
Giuseppe Balirano

From Text to Performance: Discourse Analytical Thoughts on New Forms of Performances in Social Media
Janina Wildfeuer

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