Film Text Analysis.
New Perspectives on the Analysis of Filmic Meaning.

Routledge Advances in Film Studies.

This book provides an edited collection of papers showing new and recent advances in the continually evolving area of film studies. By particularly focusing on film as a multimodal text and an audiovisual synthesis, current work within the fields of semiotics, multimodal analysis, sound, as well as literary and cultural studies are brought together in order to cover a wide range of issues of international academic interest. The book provides new insights into a range of current research directions, presenting new proposals for analysis. Each contribution opens up differing perspectives for a new field in the discipline of film text analysis. With the help of various example analyses, all showing the methodological applicability of the issues discussed, the collection provides novel ways of addressing film as one of the most complex and at the same time broadly comprehensible forms of text.

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1 Introduction: Bringing Together New Perspectives of Film Text Analysis
John A. Bateman & Janina Wildfeuer

2 Towards a Semiotics of Film Lighting
Theo van Leeuwen & Morten Boeriis

3 Editing Space as an Audio-Visual Composition
Martine Huvenne

4 Movie Physics or Dynamic Patterns as the Skeleton of Movies
Wolfgang Wildgen

5 From Visual Narrative Grammar to Filmic Narrative Grammar: The Narrative Structure of Static and Moving Images
Neil Cohn

6 From Text to Recipient: Pragmatic Insights for Filmic Meaning Construction
Janina Wildfeuer

7 Intermediality in Film: A Blending-Based Perspective
John A. Bateman

8 Eat, Pray, Love: Expanding Adaptations and Global Tourism
Joyce Goggin

9 Conclusion: Film Text Analysis – A New Beginning?
Janina Wildfeuer & John A. Bateman

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