This is me.

I am an Assistant Professor in Language and Social Interaction in the Department of Communication and Information Studies at the University of Groningen, Netherlands.

Before, I worked as a Research Fellow in Multimodal Linguistics in the Faculty of Linguistics & Literary Science at Bremen University, Germany, together with John Bateman.

I am teaching classes in multimodal, interdisciplinary, and applied linguistics and researching film and other multimodal documents within several projects exploring the notion of multimodal discourse.

My publications include a monograph entitled Film Discourse Interpretation: Towards a New Paradigm for Multimodal Film Analysis, published in 2014 with Routledge, the textbook Multimodality from 2017, its German version from 2020, several edited collections, as well as several contributions and papers on the analysis of multimodal artefacts such as film, comics, social media, etc.

I am also chief editor of the journal 'Visual Communication'.

The best way to contact me is by writing an email.

This is what I'm currently working on.

Recent Book

Wildfeuer, Janina/Bateman, John A./Hiippala, Tuomo. "Multimodalität. Grundlagen, Forschung und Analysen. Eine problem-orientierte Einführung." Berlin/New York: de Gruyter, 2020. See more here.

Online Lectures

For my online teaching, I prepared videos of online lectures in the broad field of #multimodality, as I teach them in the study course "Communication and Information Studies" (BA/MA) at the University of Groningen, NL.

Books in Preparation

Empirical Multimodal Research: Methods, Applications, Implications. Edited Collection resulting from #BreMM19, to be published with de Gruyter.

#PanMeMic. Interaction and Communication in the panmemic and beyond

These pandemic times are changing the ways in which we all communicate and interact with others - and this is affecting everybody (similarly and differently) worldwide. We are a group of semioticians based in different countries worldwide. We study meaning making, communication and social interaction. Find out more...