Special Issue of Visual Communication
Analysing Digitized Visual Culture.

Volume 17, 3.

Published in July 2018.

Table of Contents

1 Editorial: Special Issue: Analysing Digitized Visual Culture
Janina Wildfeuer, Elisabetta Adami, Morten Boeriis, Louise Ravelli, Francisco Veloso

2 Modality in the Digital Age
Louise Ravelli, Theo van Leeuwen

3 Data Visualisation as Creative Art Practice
Richard Li

4 Reasons for Relating Representations When Reading Digital Multimodal Science Information
Anders Sivle, Per Henning Uppstad

5 The Sliding of the Signified: Multimodal Sign Operations in a Youth-Composed Experimental Digital Video
Jason Ranker

6 VJ Vertov: From the Compositing Interface to the Use of the Projection Space Oswaldo García, Diana Ramahí, Alberto Dafonte

7 Visual Essay: 426-430 Ashley Road
Gabriele Hass